CNC prototyping is an advanced technology to integrate CAD,CAN,CNC ect. the parts is fromthe monoblock
material dug according to three-dimensional data model the computer make.when the process set up, there
are auto choosing&replacing the cutter,changing the speed of mainshafte,loading,the move path of cutter
related parts, other assist functions in the process,all this is controlled by the digital control system, so the
parts size precision can reach 0.05mm,the mainshaft speed of 2400/min and surface smooth.
CNC molding material selection is wild, plastic such as ABS,POM,PMMA,PA,PC,PP,bakelite.mental such as
aluminum alloy,magenesium,Zinc alloy, brass ect.these materials are consistent with the materials of volume
production.CNC prototype is divide into function modeling&exterior modeling:Function modeling We provide
function modeling service to recreate each and every part of the product for examining design tolerance,
functionality and safety margins before mass production.Exterior modeling We provide exterior modeling

service to create a non-functional sample for examining the look and the feeling of a product.


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