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    SLA technology is based on the principle of photopolymerization. the liquid material quickly occur the photopolymerization by a certain UV-light( like 325nm), the material become to solid shape from liquid as the molecule increasing. this core is computer and materail technology named lasher molding which replace the traditional making method, it make the parts according to geometry information made by CAD,controlled three-dimensional system and a lasher beam stacking material.

    SLA mold princeple: we first put the liquid photocuring resin into a pool, liquid surface is scanned by the lasher beam affected by deflecting mirror, the scan tracing affected by computer. a light spot hit a place where liquid become solid shape, the same action point by point continue to make during the whole process. when finish the filled resin on the second surface, we make the scan of the second layer same the first layer, do this up to end of the whole parts.get a highly precision SLA molding.
    SLA rapid prototype features: can make complex,precision,subtle parts for its advantage, and shortage for the available selection resin is very few.its tenacity and strenth is not as good as CNC prototype,so break easily.

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