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ABS is a copolymer made from a mix of acrylonitrile,butadiene,styrene;its name,ABS,is derived from its components.
ABS has excellent welding strength and a smooth surface,which can handle various surface treatment,makes it ideal
 material for casing and chassis.

PC has excellent strength,durability and light transmission characteristics.It is commonly used for lens and small
structural parts.When combined with glass fiber,the resulting composite material can be used in high temperature
environments without losing its structural strength.

Acrylic has the excellent light transmission capacity,but is can be easily dyed into a variety of colors.It can
also handle surface printing and certain types of surface treatment. Although its moderate welding strength and
brittleness make it a poor structural material.

PP is a translucent polymer with excellent impact strength and in thin sheets,it demonstrate excellent flexibility
and ductility.PP is commonly used for car components and packaging.

POM has excellent hardness,rigidity and wear resistance,perfect for gears and various structural parts

Nylon has excellent durability,ductility and strength.We offer Nylon6,Nylon66 and Nylon-glass fiber composite.

Aluminum has excellent strength,and heat conduction characteristic,so it is a popular material for electronics.
However magnesium is a highly reactive metal making this alloy difficulto process and thus relatively expensive.

Brass is a common injection molding material,used to make various parts and models.

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